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1 localhost commented Permalink

From a reader's perspective, it really does not matter whether the content is in the blog or in the wiki.

Since I can bookmark either the blog entry or the wiki entry.

2 localhost commented Permalink

I like the idea of the Wiki, but for some reason I don't have the right privileges to view it. It just says:

Not Permitted
You are not permitted to perform this operation.
Do I have to sign up separately for it?

3 localhost commented Trackback

If you're having permissions problems viewing the wiki, please see the guidence in the comments of the posting about the New Wiki (http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/blogs/page/woolf?entry=new_wiki_websphere_soa_and#comments).

4 localhost commented Permalink

I like the blog because it gives me a nice view of the current trends. When I want to go back later, however, I would rather use the wiki because then I don't have to go searching through several months worth of blogs to get all the information relating to a given topic; I can just follow the wiki links.

5 localhost commented Permalink

I like Wiki for the structure(tree)/organization of the topics. It is easy to follow your writings based on the subject/topic in Wiki. But I haven't found the easy way to get feed for RSS reader from wiki.

Blog provides a general direction of the topic/subject you are following on a given day. I prefer blog over wiki. If possible keep both. I think Wiki is a good companion for your blog.

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