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1 Jamesco commented Trackback

Hi Bobby,
This is a great update. I started using this feature recently and I think it's very cool. I didn't completely understand everything that was going on, so thanks for the in depth explanation. I agree this is a win/win/win.


2 Kleber commented Trackback

Hi Bobby

I have used a lot of blog's comment and blog's recommendation (star icon), however I haven't used comments as blog postings. It's a very useful tool.
Thank you for explain this feature.
I need to thank you to comment as blog postings, my post about SOA for Dummies. I just had bookmarked it, however post the link of book on the blog, I can spread that useful reference of SOA to beginner and as I have showed the book to my students and they enjoyed it, then I decide to share this practical book.

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