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1 localhost commented Permalink

Though Ajax is never going to built into Java, it will be useful to have a programming model in servlets that eases the development of AJAX applications. Jetty provides AJAX friendly API for Servlets which seems useful. http://www.mortbay.com/MB/log/gregw/?permalink=Jetty6Continuations.html

2 localhost commented Permalink

AjaxAnywhere is yet another Sourceforge framework that can be used with Ajax and JSPs to allow parts of a page to be rendered dynamically.http://ajaxanywhere.sourceforge.net/index.html

3 localhost commented Permalink

hi there,

Am a student from the University of Mauritius and i wish to ask whether it is possible to "recognise" an image or picture????
I want to say that suppose you want to search an album for a image containing a tree or boy, so ow am i suppose to work that out????
You have a vry interesting site by the way!!!

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