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1 jwb commented Permalink

"Starting February 9th, VLP users can reserve POWER7 systems running AIX 6.1 TL4 SP2 or SLES 11."

That's great - but when can we reserve POWER7 running i 6.1.1 ???
According to announcement letter ENUS110-009, the availability date for customer shipments was Feb. 19. Surely if the VLP can get POWER7 boxes running AIX and SLES prior to the customer availability date, they should be able to get POWER7 boxes running i AFTER the availability date.
Or is it just yet another example of IBM actually trying to kill the i?????
Think I'm paranoid? Then tell my why IBM makes it SO HARD to buy a POWER machine running i, relative to buying one running AIX or Linux.
For another example, just go to:
and click on the "Browse and Buy" tab. You can see lots of configurations with full pricing info, options, etc. etc., and you can actually click through to a shopping cart and really BUY stuff under both the AIX and Linux tabs at:
but when you go to the "i" tab at
you just get the lame "Request a quote" and/or "Put me in contact with a business partner" pages.
Despite the page title, there is NO WAY TO ACTUALLY "BROWSE AND BUY" a machine with "i".
Sorry for the rant, but this is really frustrating. Please someone prove me wrong!

2 beckett commented Permalink

Hi jwb,

Sorry for the frustration on IBM i availability. VLP is actually offering IBM i 7.1 early access now - if you are interested please contact Bill Schulz at wschulz@us.ibm.com to get setup.
VLP continues to support IBM i as best we can. VLP will have IBM i 7.1 and IBM i 6.1.1 on POWER7 late April.

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