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Jim...I will not be intimidate - oops....sounds like another confession. And I am watching you.... when you least expect it.... your name/blog comments might appear.

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Speaking of profiles... I learned something cool about one of my developerWorks colleagues by surfing through their profile. Not only has this cool dude led the charge on updating our developerWorks articles with all types of smart new features... but he is an excellent photographer! <div>&nbsp;</div> Check out our own Roosevelt Bynum... and be sure to surf over to his fine art photography.. which is most excellent! <div>&nbsp;</div>

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Hey Jim,<div>&nbsp;</div> Just catching up on everything. You are being too tough on yourself on many fronts. <div>&nbsp;</div> As for one-on-one meetings, since your door is always open for walkins so appointments aren't normally necessary. And if one wanted to schedule something it is no trouble at all.<div>&nbsp;</div> As for being a bit of luddite -- I don't even have a cell phone. At this point I don't have it because it irritates people and that is loads of fun. Of course, I will let you judge whether being in my company is a good or bad thing.

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I'd like to nominate Victoria Ovens. She's the queen of social networking and graphics, and she's got a lot of non-work activities that make her even more interesting. She rides bikes and knits and creates Web pages and has a Coach purse addiction and tons of other stuff.

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Thannks Bob...I had no idea Rose was such a cool photographer. Rose, you are quite the cool dude.<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks Kelley....I had Victoria in mind...but I'm glad to see you agree. It's hard for the rest of us to compete with such a cool graphics artist like Victoria.