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1 bobleah commented Permalink

As I have come to expect from the uncoolest dude.. another superb blog entry. It is truly amazing how the social revolution has now entered every phase of our life.. and how it spans generations. The planet is indeed getting smarter.. and the social engines such as Facebook... and dare I say developerWorks... are a driving force behind this. ROCK ON.. uncoolest dude!

2 thartric commented Permalink

Hey Jim, this was a riot to read! <div>&nbsp;</div> I'm getting my share of e-mail now too from "The Norva", "Amos'Southend", and "Bojangles Coliseum" where I have purchased tickets for my daughter's concert events over the past year.<div>&nbsp;</div> Stay cool...

3 dw_sera commented Permalink

My DH won a big black mark yesterday for pointing out that I am "close" to being able to join AARP myself. <div>&nbsp;</div> Not sure how this happened, but I'm sure they'll send me e-mail when I really do approach the welcome window :-).