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1 cbullen commented Permalink

This sounds like you are one of the developers, so I am commenting here that I just went through the profile editing exercise and nothing was updated!

2 MichaelCFoster commented Permalink

Just getting familiar with developerWorks now. Looks awesome.

3 Jamesco commented Permalink

Christine,<br /> Thanks for your blog comment. I will contact you directly to see if I can help you set up your profile.<div>&nbsp;</div> regards,<br /> Jim

4 bobleah commented Permalink

Hi Christine.. <div>&nbsp;</div> I suspect you may be using IE 6 for your web browser. If that is the case, my experience has been that the updates have actually happened, however this particular web browser holds the profile page in cache, which gives the appearance that the updates did not complete. Even refreshing your profile page will not cause the updates to display, however closing and reopening the browser does. IE does offer a patch for the v6 browser to update the JS engine to work with newer websites. I also have had great success with Firefox and IE v8. Hope this helps!

5 LaCrimosa commented Permalink

oh a developer of dW. thanks for you guys' hardworking. this is a good place for learners like me. :-)