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What a super example of the value of a vertical social network. My thoughts are that VSNs are going to go ballistic in late 2009. General social networking sites like Facebook have proven the value of electronic relationships... VSNs are the next wave, where people leverage electronic relationships to complete tasks quicker, learn and and sharpen existing skills, and look for future opportunities. developerWorks, with its rich resources, is a natural fit a VSN that is IT and developer centric. Exciting times...!

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Hi James<div>&nbsp;</div> It's always good to help. The spirit of collaboration is within of human being, however many people are not getting to use it. MydeveloperWorks comes up to help us to improve it (blogs, microblogs, Wikis, Social Networks and others, all of them are not integrated). We cannot imagine so close is as person who has the information that I need, sometimes just a click. If we have the information arranged in place as MydeveloperWorks, we will know how and where contact them.<div>&nbsp;</div>

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Hi Kleber. Thanks again for your help with my Java questions. I think you have done a great job of capturing the real value of My developerWorks in your comments here. By the way, just in case, you haven't already met her, let me introduce you to another member of the My developerWorks community. Jenni Aloi is the editor of the Java technology zone on developerWorks.

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I added Jenni Aloi.<div>&nbsp;</div> Thank you.