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1 bobleah commented Permalink

Great plunge! Looking forward to watching your blog, following your tweets, maybe even a vlog in the future? <div>&nbsp;</div> The planet just got a little smarter... :-)

2 brenny commented Permalink

Oh I dont know Jim. I think you're selling yourself way short. <div>&nbsp;</div> You have a very high cool factor ranking in multiple other areas. For example, you control the development directin of developerWorks. That makes you very cool.<div>&nbsp;</div> I'm off right now to friend you. We might not get you 100 K followers like Oprah, but as we say here at dW, its about quality not quantity.

3 FrancesP commented Permalink

Baby boomers have the numbers and the wisdom to do anything they want. And the best are smart enough to recognize change and make choices... Smart...getting smart....think smart...I think you are well on your way..

4 lauracap commented Permalink

Jim - I bet I could beat you in an "un-cool" contest. My leisure hours are filled with radio for audio and books for visual, with nary an iphone nor ipod nor even a CD player to confuse my feeble brain. I rise from the davenport to change channels on the actual TV to avoid messing with all those remotes. My favorite activity on Saturday morning, while you're out running, is making bread by hand sans measuring utensils. While I still have hair, only partly gray, I wear it in a style popular in the 1850s, and my perfume is the one favored by Audrey, not Britney. I say my rosary in Latin (though you could give me a run for my money on that one:) and I prefer to knit rather than twit!

5 thartric commented Permalink

Hey Jim, great blog. I think I became "uncool" myself when my kids started to turn 14. Much as I try, they won't "friend me" on facebook, and laugh when I mention Twitter at the dinner table. Hopefully as time passes we'll all become "cool" again at some point :-)

6 Jamesco commented Permalink

It looks like Laura Cappelletti could give me a run for my money in an uncool contest, fortunately she's not a dude, so I think my self proclaimed "uncoolest dude on the smarter planet" stature is still safe.

7 lauracap commented Permalink

OK, good point, you got me on the dude part, so I didn't even have to go into how high-waisted my jeans are! And I told my kids I have my OWN friends on Facebook (thanks to Tom).