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1 JayAllen commented Permalink

Hey I get to comment first, it helps to be one of the admins ;) The new design is great, I love it. Thanks for the link about Glenn Cunningham, I didn't know his story. What an inspiration. Back to the London Olympics, does Alan Webb have *one* more good season and can Bernard Lagat hold off time?

2 bobleah commented Permalink

Awesome team... an amazing roll-out... and a great new look! And as you captured so well... a significant step in a continuing journey!

3 annebev commented Permalink

This was our best teaming efforts ever. I love working with this team.

4 daryl_pereira commented Permalink

The new redesign is a real breath of fresh air! <div>&nbsp;</div> England could really do with another Roger Bannister in 2012 ;) <br />