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1 vskinner commented Permalink

Yes, very interesting. Makes me wonder if countries that have a stronger face to face culture, have less interest in connecting online and vice versa.

2 Carole1241 commented Permalink

I wonder if countries that are more open don't value the internet as much as those that limit their citizens ability to outside news, events and opinions. LImits are imposed by governments and by cultures so it isn't only about the type of government.

3 David_Salinas commented Permalink

Very interesting..... I looked at the PDF (thanks to your handy link)..... I found this interesting on the analysis by country, for USA: "As in Canada, the aspects of the internet causing most concern to Americans are fraud and loss of privacy." Fundamentally, I think this accurately sums up the biggest and fundamental hurdles that lay before the internet as it now enters a new period of growth and introspection.... namely: privacy, security and control. For example, I think the hype and strong discussions around geo location is a prime example of the nexus of this next phase and dealing with these issues.... how do we provide means for users to control their digital 'fingerprints' in a fashion that is usable and meaningful in a secure manner that fosters their privacy while allowing for their information to be shared and leveraged for the business? Very challenging.... a great time to be in our business. : )