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Red P, I'd be happy to join you. I made a sidetrip to Dublin during an IBM business trip to England back in 1996, and though I missed The Gravity Bar, I did find that the fresh-out-of-the-keg Guiness was most refreshing. <div>&nbsp;</div> I had my first such pint on the ferry crossing from Holyhead to Dublin. Unfortunately, my traveling companion at the time wasn't able to partake due to our rough crossing of the Irish Sea. I won't describe my friend's condition in any greater detail than to say it was due to rollicking waves.<div>&nbsp;</div> I *did* make the trip to the Guinness Brewery, and absolutely enjoyed the trip down Guinness advertising history memory lane as we made our way through the tour exhibit. <div>&nbsp;</div> And in that spirit, lest you forget that old Gaelic saying: <div>&nbsp;</div> "Faol saol agat, gob fliuch, agus bás in Éirinn."(Long life to you, a wet mouth, and death in Ireland.)