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I didn't get past page 3... just got bored. You would think that unless it moves and does the talking for you, we ain't gonna click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click,

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It ain't no "Spiderman," that's for certain. I like the format as a communications vehicle, so kudos for that. I just think it was too targeted at the gearhead set.<div>&nbsp;</div> Perhaps they need to start a series: "Google Chrome @ The Office," or how "Stodgy Suits Get Jiggy with the Chrome." I just wanted to know more of the user benefits, and less about multithreading.<div>&nbsp;</div> Oh, and a frickin' version for the Mac before the end of this milennium. How ironic that a technology arrow pointed towards Redmond, Washington, caters first to the platform they're trying to supplant.<div>&nbsp;</div> You really want to make a statement, Googleites? Release a Mac version first.<div>&nbsp;</div> Signed, Not So Sleepless in Seattle

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Might that be my long lost amigo, Miguel, up in the cool country of Chicagoland? If so, mi amigo, we must catch up and soon.<div>&nbsp;</div> Alas, I did download Flock recently but didn't spend the time to get more acquainted, and will use your comment as the impetus to do so, as I could use a more friendly means by which to share stuff with folks and also get all those great recommendations from the likes of yourself.<div>&nbsp;</div> In the meantime, drop me a line on Facebook and let me know when's a good time to catch up.

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yea, about that.. they call it Cloud, the Google "Operating system"... it's not an operating system if it requires Windows, MacOS or Linux to run. :-)

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here's a more easily scan-able PDF version for A.D.D. comic book consuming . . .<div>&nbsp;</div><div>&nbsp;</div> I found it riveting, myself.

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I think Google could just buy to avoid loosing time in the game for the domination of the Internet.

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Never mind the comic strip, I couldn't get Chrome to open my iNotes, therefore no mail, therefore no use. It's not just a matter of poor rendering, it stops dead in its tracks with a blank screen. Likewise with logmein. Logs me in OK, but won't let me connect (xpcom.dll error), so it doesn't matter how fast the browser is if it breaks my web apps which, judging by the comic strip is what the whole point seemed to be. And Todd is right - they won't be gaining any Mac and Linux open source fans.