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Thanks for recommending us, Todd!

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As a recent convert to Open Office I agree that there is little difference between Windows and the free alternatives. Certainly not enough of a difference to justify the cost. Thanks for the tip on this option. I will give it a try!

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Ronald,<div>&nbsp;</div> I did a PowerPoint in the Symphony suite on Friday. Granted, it wasn't a whiz bang pitch with a lot of builds and such, so I can't compare all those more advanced features. <div>&nbsp;</div> The only thing I noticed that bothered me about Symphony's presentation tool was that I couldn't look at or edit the speaker notes view while in page view. <div>&nbsp;</div> I'm hoping one of my Lotus colleagues will tell me whether or not if I can do that and, if not, take it into account as a future requirement.<div>&nbsp;</div> Other than that, I've found them very close in feature and functionality.

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Todd - I like this post. Thanks. Somewhat unrelated, but did you catch this post about the danger of free?<div>&nbsp;</div> I am with you on this issue, btw. I think the author of the RWW article underestimates the economic power of free. anyhow, thought you'd be interested if you haven't seen it.