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Much as I currently disagree that in the future the web is facebook, the facebook is the web, I think that anyone who is spending 2 hours at the office trawling through FB _probably_ was spending 2 hours doing something other than work already. <div>&nbsp;</div> Hmm, here's an idea, create various time wasters and promote them to your economic adversaries (whether other companies or countries) but block your own company/country from playing. Increase your productivity by decreasing your competitors' productivity!<div>&nbsp;</div> PS: It was pretty fr*cking cold up there.

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EPC,<div>&nbsp;</div> I like the way you think, you sick, overly-capitalistic, highly-competitive macro-economic ponderer, you.<div>&nbsp;</div> I'm not so sure that the future of the Web is Facebook, but I *do* believe they are on to something with this idea of the "social graph," and I do believe that that, combined with their more aggressive privacy posture (more than...Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.) is providing them with a competitive advantage at this particular point in time.<div>&nbsp;</div> That said, Wang used to be one of the leading information systems vendors. Things change quickly, particularly in this environment, and if Google finds a way to quickly innovate their own social graph as an overlay to many of their existing Web applications, short Facebook before it's even IPOed.<div>&nbsp;</div> As for productivity wasters, whatever happened to good ol' solitaire or heck, even a little perusing at Amazon or eBay!??