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Comments (5)

1 yang@us.ibm.com commented Permalink

Can we still use ALLOCATION_THRESHOLD in Java 5/6?

2 ChrisBailey commented Permalink

Hi David

No, the use of -Xdump:stack:events=allocation,filter=#5m..6m is the only option at Java 5.0/6.0. Used in this combination its effectively a replacement for ALLOCATION_THRESHOLD, however you can also use the -Xdump:stack option to produce stacks on other dump events, and there's more flexibility on selecting object size ranges etc.

3 mthenry commented Permalink

If you are using Java 5.0 with the IBM JDK, you must install JDK 5 SR 10 in order to use the -Xdump:stack:* option. I am not aware if Solaris/HP JDKs require a specific patch for this parameter to work.

The SR can be downloaded from http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg24024023 .

4 yang@us.ibm.com commented Permalink

Do you know if we can use this on iSeries and zSeries JVMs?

5 ChrisBailey commented Permalink

Yes, this applies to z/Series, and applies to iSeries unless your using the "classic" JVM.

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