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Comments (6)

1 DDeFer commented Permalink

Excellent article, just what I was looking for.

2 ChrisBailey commented Permalink

As an update, there is at least one other object type that can contain session data, this is:
so if your query returns no results, you should try this instead/as well.

3 sivaNallusamy commented Permalink

Very nice article. I don't think i see this kind of detail in another site.

4 tschonnie commented Permalink

Very nice article. However, in my WAS7 environment I do not get any objects with the type "com.ibm.ws.webcontainer.httpsession.MemorySessionData" but only "com.ibm.ws.session.store.db.DatabaseSession". Did there change some data structure in WAS7?

5 Valeriy.Molyakov commented Permalink

Excellent article. Does it possible to find a size of portlet session in the same way?
What class is responsible for keeping portlet data?

6 ChrisBailey commented Permalink

The easiest way of getting the HTTP Session data is now through the IBM Extensions for Memory Analyzer:
which provides some HTTP Sessions queries.

As to portlet sessions, we don't offer anything today, but its something we can certainly work on. Are there any other things you would be interested in?

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