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LOL dW site as a patient ! love that image (or maybe, can relate to that image)

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I have to admit that I find overload of information stimulating. I find myself drawn to various internet sites that offer constantly updating and changing content. I really enjoy members perspectives vs. corp. perspectives, which is why I'm drawn to Facebook, Twitter, My dW, and news sites that offer viewer commentary. I like to follow the user activity that blogs and micro blogging generates, along with the entire echo system that grows out of this activity. If a news site does not offer user commentary, it holds little interest to me, as I thrive on others perspectives of news, not just the news article itself. To me the true value of the internet is it's ability for people to share their perspectives around a subject matter... adding new dimension and depth. Thanks Al, you did good... :-)

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Hey Leah, yeah the dW site is usually a great patient, but as you know has it's days :-) Bob, you are right... I also find myself immediately looking at reader activity to articles! Thanks!

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Tom, great blog update. In this era of tackling challenges like Heath Care crisis and Health Care management, I think the Health Care industry could learn a lot from they way you and our team take care of our very special patent known as the developerWorks site. Tom, I think the same level of personal passion and very human touch that you bring to our crazy world here at developerWorks would go a long way to improving our Health Care systems and services. Thanks for all your do to keep our patient healthy and active.

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