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1 john.holtman commented Permalink

Congratulations Tom and welcome to the Quarter Century Club. I'm happy we've had a chance to become colleagues recently at developerWorks.

2 JayAllen commented Permalink

Congratulations Tom, I wasn't into programming when I was in college so I can't relate to the CS references but man the Galaga mention brought back memories, I think I bought one of those many times over. How about Xevious, that was my all time favorite and my best game.

3 bobleah commented Permalink

Congratulations on 25 years with IBM! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I remember well the IBM PCjr... as just about every IBMer at the time purchased one via payroll deduction... after which King's Quest became a very common hallway discussion...

4 Jeffj2 commented Permalink

Tom, Congratulations on entering the QCC! I relate to too many of your rememberances: TI-55, TRS-80, BASIC, RIT, decwriter, 4 color 3279 (there is one on H aisle btw), etc.

Thanks for memory lane, and all the great memories in working with you,

5 elsken commented Permalink

Tom, I really enjoyed reading about your journey here at IBM and I'm glad that I've gotten to work with you. Congratulations and best wishes for many more wonderful memories!!!

6 thartric commented Permalink

Thanks for the well-wishes and wonderful remarks! It has truly been a remarkable journey where the opportunities and the people have been outstanding to work with -- more to come I am sure!

7 Jamesco commented Permalink

Congratulations Tom. It has been great fun celebrating your 25 anniversary this week. I was always a big fan of the 3270 terminal (which I'm sure doesn't surprise anyone given my uncooldude status). I don't think I ever conceded my 3270 to a PCjr, but I eventually caught up with PCs when I was repsonsible for building one of the largest PC labs in RTP in the basement of IBM Building 062 which ironically is where we all work now..:-)

CHEERS Tom! Here's to the NEXT 25 years at IBM and beyond!!!

8 tdc commented Permalink

Oh wow, Tom, that jogged some memories! Nice story. Ah, the good ol' 3279. First day of work for IBM in Hotlanta (Jan '88), my manager sat me down in front of 'my very own' 3279. I asked "Uh, don't you all work on PCs here?" He said, "Oh, they gave me one of those new PC-ATs -- nobody around here wants it. They like their 3279s. Do you want it?" At that moment I was a little nervous about my decision to work for IBM...but luckily everyone was 'forced' to get a PC-AT soon afterwards :)