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1 STRSMA commented Permalink

I think this process will only work if your resulting mksysb file is smaller than 4GB. I believe AIX has a 4194304 KB limit for CIFS mounts. Therefore even 4.7 GB files will be truncated during the copy to the CIFS mount.
Additionaly if you simply try to modify a 4GB file on a CIFS mount from an AIX machine (i.e. cat 50KB.file >> 4GB.file) you will receive a "Value too large to be stored in data type." error. This problem didn't occur for me when the same action was attempted from Windows or Redhat clients.


2 talor commented Permalink


I did check that, and that's right if the mksysb is bigger than 4GB it will fail to copy (the size of the rootvg I had for this, my mksysb was smaller than 4GB).
The other option is to use NFS, where you can share a windows directory via an NFS export, and that will work.