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1 PetePDX commented Permalink

What did HDS have to say ?


2 talor commented Permalink

Hi Pete,

I actually didn't log a call on this one as the fix was pretty easy (once I realized that re-installing HDLM would make it work) I installed HDLM into a "gold" mksysb image I was using and when I mapped disk I had to re-install HDLM to be able to create volume groups.
I did have a similar issue on another site some time later, where after installing HDLM the AIX hdisk devices wouldn't show up as available, we got the message "0514-040 Error initializing a device into the kernel." and we logged a call with IBM and HDS on that one to get it resolved.
Turns out that there is an issue with HDLM and NPIV on AIX, and you have to run the below commands to get it working. If you come across issues with installing or updating HDLM and you are using NPIV, I would suggest running the below:
# /usr/DynamicLinkManager/bin/dlmodmset -v on (Enable NPIV Connectivity)
# /usr/DynamicLinkManager/bin/dlmodmset -o (check it's enabled)
Lun Reset : off
Online(E) IO Block : off
NPIV Option : on
KAPL10800-I The dlmodmset utility completed normally.
# cfgmgr (re-scan for our disks).
Have you run into similar issues?

3 VRyzhkov commented Permalink

Just stumbled upon this article...
If you deploy AIX from mksysb with HDLM "build-in", then you need to run /usr/DynamicLinkManager/bin/dlmpostrestore before trying to create or varyon volume groups. Otherwise you will get that message "...major number was already used...".
The utility is packaged with HDLM itself.

4 PrabhanjanG commented Permalink

A simple reboot worked for me when I was hitting this issue.