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Chris,<div>&nbsp;</div> Agreed. Especially regarding the upgrade path from one USP to another. It's a key requirement. Since a Virtualizer allows its underlying controllers to be 'replaced' - so must the actual virtualizer. Of course you could always stick SVC infront of your USP to achieve this! <div>&nbsp;</div> You may get more of a response here than on Hu's blog, as he doesn't seem to like any comments that question their strategy / capabilities. I've certainly not had any of my comments made visible, so I've given up. Shame really.<div>&nbsp;</div> I know I've only been at this for a few months, but it does seem like there is kind of 'community' out here - even if we all bump shoulders every so often ;) I believe there is some history that I may have missed with Hu, I guess he has his reasons.