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1 agonzalez_vs commented Permalink

Great news on this update! do you know if a Powershell toolkit to manage SVC/V7000 is on roadmap?

2 orbist commented Permalink

I dont know of any plans for a Powershell kit sorry

3 Dick commented Permalink

Good news, now we are waiting for Easytier v2 ?

4 RadomirVacek commented Permalink

The MAID Technology (AutoMAID), Nexsan SATABeast (NT66) is supported as a external storage under Storwize V7000 (SVC). Will the another MAID Technology, SGI COPAN 400M be supported too?

5 RadomirVacek commented Permalink

Barry, one question yet: The cluster splitting configuration is not supported ... will be? ... and when? ... Thanks, Radek

6 orbist commented Permalink

Radomir, <br /> Support for non mainstream storage controllers, generally an RPQ is required. These are supported on a demand basis, where the more requests we get for a given controller pushes them up the priority list. I dont know of any requests for the COPAN box. <div>&nbsp;</div> Split-cluster on V7000 is not possible due to the drive attachment to the IO group. If you did split the IO group across two systems, then the drives would be presented to different IO groups, or worse only single ported. There is a solution in the works, but it won't be split cluster. If you want split cluster, you need to get SVC nodes.

7 SimonIT commented Permalink

Barry, a question about clustering possibilities. <br /> It is clear why the split-cluster is not supported but suppose I create a volume on I/O Group 1 and I want a mirrored copy on I/O Group 2. This is supported isn't it? <br /> What happens if an I/O group fails? Will my host(s) still have access to the volume? <br /> Thanks <br /> S.