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1 localhost commented Permalink

Except.... it can be a problem too.<div>&nbsp;</div> Imagine my shock as a perspective customer when I learned the other day that SVC+VMWare ESX is not a supported configuration.<div>&nbsp;</div> That's a big red stop light in an enterprise account.<div>&nbsp;</div> It 'might' be supported in a future version of esx like say esx 3.2 or something but thats a 'might', and not a given by a long shot.<div>&nbsp;</div> Now that EMC owns VMWare, I am starting to wonder if they will use this almost monopoly in the virtualization market to restrict the choice of companies storage purchases by making non-emc storage solutions, a little less supported. Should HDS, IBM, HP etc be worried about getting squeezed away from VMWare shops?<div>&nbsp;</div> VMWare is used so much its almost as bad as if EMC purchased Microsoft, and decided which drivers were supported in Windows.<div>&nbsp;</div>

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Rhetorical question: Was it an EMC rep you asked about support? <div>&nbsp;</div> Click on my "vast support matrix" link above and the "supported software levels" and you will see that SVC does support VMware ESX and that has been the case for some time.<div>&nbsp;</div> We just had a green light on the latest ESX release, however as these things are complex, we do request an RPQ is submitted so we can validate the guest OS, HBA etc etc <div>&nbsp;</div> As it states in the above link :<div>&nbsp;</div> Support for specific configurations is provided by special engineering request only. Please contact your IBM representative for details and the submission of a support request ( RPQ )<div>&nbsp;</div> There is a difference between support and VMware full qualification. The qualification document / test is MASSIVE . I suspect that it maybe qualification that was being referred to, as long as its on our support matrix and in the cases where RPQs have been approved IBM will support your configuration - and help lead any debug / defect resolution in other vendors products as appropriate.<div>&nbsp;</div> So IBM does support SVC with VMware.

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invista does support alternate multipath drivers. ESX is not supported on SVC by vmware.

4 localhost commented Permalink

We'll soon have the whole cast of star wars on here!<div>&nbsp;</div> This would seem to to disagree with chewwy's last comment :<div>&nbsp;</div> http://pubs.vmware.com/vi3/sanconfig/wwhelp/wwhimpl/common/html/wwhelp.htm?context=sanconfig&amp;file=esx_san_cfg_arrays.7.4.html