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I'm probably in the minority here, but I'd like to know what happens during a SVC ERP (error recovery procedure). We see a fair amount of ERPs against mdisks, and I'd like to know exactly what is going on. From what I have gathered, a link reset seems to be among the tactics used, but this is based solely on observation... I'd like to see more details.

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Many of our SVC implementations also cover storage expansion, and I would like to receive some more information about the differences in backend speed/reliability/compatibility/... with IBM Subsystem Storage Devices. Like what are the advances for a host between a DS4700 and a DS5000 behind the SVC when only running around 30TB?<div>&nbsp;</div> Customers love the DS3400 with SVC combination to expand their storage environment at a nice cost/performance ratio.What do you think about this well prices situation? Performance is great, reliability is assured (metro mirror), price is great...<div>&nbsp;</div> Last month I have been scripting the SVC space efficient flashcopy for a VMWare Virtual Center environment, is there any news for a snapshot manager in combination with Virtual Center/direct windows/...? I already created a script for this but this script still needs a host shutdown if there is a database dependency (to be sure the database consistency is guaranteed). I hope there will come some kind of host agent to communicate with the database services, or are there already some workarounds?Most of the time there is no database corruption, I tested this by creating flashcopies of a metro mirror target disk. But you are never 100% sure...<div>&nbsp;</div> I would like to be able to read some more news about SAN Volume Controller implemantations/events/... the way how you are able to reply on the other brands critisism really needs to stay, a customer can see here that the SVC doesn't need to blackmail other brands.<div>&nbsp;</div> What I would like the most is that you keep running this blog!<div>&nbsp;</div> kind regards<div>&nbsp;</div> Joeri