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1 Czanella commented Permalink

Barry, <div>&nbsp;</div> Very glad to know about this. <br /> Very nice offering to create diferentiation in a stringent market. <div>&nbsp;</div> Congratulations !! <div>&nbsp;</div> Go IBM Storage, go !!! <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div>

2 slangrid commented Permalink

That's bloody brilliant it is! I hope you'll consider blogging about the performance highlights that SVC 6.1 &amp; V7000 have when used with Flash SSD and Easy Tier. I can't wait to get some of these! Congrats.

3 fgarat commented Permalink

Barry, <br /> could you please explain in detail how the v7000 synchronous replication works?, is like DS8xxx?. <div>&nbsp;</div> In particular i would like to know if the synchronous replication its journal based so in case of fail-back after a short interruption i don't need a full resynchronization of the replicated volumes. <div>&nbsp;</div> thanks.

4 DiegoKesselman commented Permalink

Congratulations! It's one of those things IBM needed to compete in storageland, with components IBM owned but never mixed in same blender ... till now. <div>&nbsp;</div> First Q coming to my mind: is V7000 replacing actual DS5K midrange storage systems? <br /> Second one: Is this the new pricing schema in IBM storage products? : Per-box <br />

5 orbist commented Permalink

Thanks everyone - this echos the feedback from the press, analysts, channel and customers yesterday. <div>&nbsp;</div> Fgarat, the replication is part of the SVC stack, so its behaviour is identical to how SVC works. Have a search within this blog and you should find the details. <div>&nbsp;</div> Diego, The DS5000 range will continue for now, there are a lot of customers with investment in this platform and so we aren't cutting them off, new drives etc will continue to be qualified etc. The V7000 will however be the platform which we deply new features and functions such as the various recent acquisitions. <div>&nbsp;</div> The industry is moving, advanced functions are "expected" and IBM is leading the way with XIV and now V7000 where we acknowledge that fact, and that many of these functions should be included in the base price.

6 Czanella commented Permalink

Barry, <div>&nbsp;</div> What about Replication over IP ? Do you think it is a reasonable feature request to v7000 ? <div>&nbsp;</div> Regards, <br /> Czanella

7 orbist commented Permalink

Claiton, <div>&nbsp;</div> At present we can support replication over IP using the Tivoli Fast-back software, but native in-array support would be a reasonable proposition for this product :) <div>&nbsp;</div> Barry

8 cotis25 commented Permalink

Barry, <div>&nbsp;</div> Is it possible to replicate between a customers existing SVC only cluster at one location to a V7000 at a DR location or is it V7000 to V7000 / SVC only to SVC only?

9 orbist commented Permalink

Chris, at preset we don't support replicating between the two products, but it is in plan for a subsequent release/update. It requires a little coding as we need to be able to determine if the Storwize V7000 should be viewed by SVC as a storage controller, or a replication peer.

10 3CJR_Óscar_Luis_Rojas_Fernánde commented Permalink

Hi, <div>&nbsp;</div> I am designing a solution to be deployed in the sept-nov 2011 timeframe. I am re-reading this blog in search for enlightment and I ran into the last question about SVC remote mirroring to a V7000 question. <div>&nbsp;</div> Is there a timeframe for this function that can be shared? <div>&nbsp;</div> I would be a perfect fit for our requirement, both from a footprint and a budget point of view.

11 orbist commented Permalink

Oscar, I can't comment on roadmap features here, I suggest you contact your IBM account team or Business Partner for a discussion.