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Glad to see you back again...Please allow me to clarify the facts.<div>&nbsp;</div> Bob was misquoted. The drives are indeed built by STEC. But there is also a decent amount of colaborative value-add that EMC has invested to help STEC get this drive Enterprise Ready. Simple mistake in reporting, I'm sure.<div>&nbsp;</div> The drives are priced something like 30x the equivalent sized 15K rpm drive, not 30x total system cost.<div>&nbsp;</div> Glad to see others looking into PCM. The major challenge with that technology is the amount of power required to perform a write - presently it pretty much eliminates any of the power advantages of solid-state vs. mechanical drives. But it is indeed one of the interesting solid state storage technologies on the horizon - it's just not "green" (yet).<div>&nbsp;</div> And lord knows the HDD form factor is less than optimal, but at least the CSE's know how to replace them!<div>&nbsp;</div> See...no bruises! (OK, I'll admit it - I'm heading off on vacation. Behave yourself while I'm gone!)

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Hey! I wasn't the one who compaired the USP-V to Dracula. Ah yes Monshaw, does the IBM health plan cover being hit by a flying chair?<div>&nbsp;</div> One of his new direct reports moves pretty fast.. ;)

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"....such is life when many of your close colleagues and executive team are six to eight hours behind you...."<div>&nbsp;</div> What about - <div>&nbsp;</div> "....such is life when your competitors are six to eight light years ahead of you...."<div>&nbsp;</div> Sorry I couldnt help it ;-)

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Nigel,<div>&nbsp;</div> Ouch! LOL.<div>&nbsp;</div> Not in my immediate backyard - wrt SVC.<div>&nbsp;</div> All I can say is watch this space, 2008 is going to be interesting.