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Obligatory "and expected" response: Wow! A new SVC code release, a cheap new entry level SVC platform, and a hacked up science experiment with boum-buddy FusionIO. (yawn!)<div>&nbsp;</div> You neglected to mention that ONLY IBM has not announced its intent to ship the STEC flash drive (or an alternative) this quarter. 12 months to the day tomorrow (Jan 14) since EMC's announcement, and all you've got to show is a science experiment and continued FUD that nobody can deliver all the IOPS to be had in a good flash drive. Which in fact underscores the point that you still haven't figured out the real value proposition of flash. Fortunately, EMC customers don't have to wait for IBM to figure it out...they're getting the performance, ROI and TCO benefits today! <div>&nbsp;</div> Second point - the notable lack of any mention of the XIV underscores the emerging reality that XIV ain't all it was cracked up to be. Is it supposed to be IBM's "cloud", or IBM's "archive storage" or perhaps a whole new category - "XIV: the place to store the stuff that you don't really care about keeping"? Guess the fact you qualified XIV with SVC was just a formality to keep management happy. I mean, it's not like anybody would actually deploy that combo, would they? Oh, and what was it you said in that Tweet about XIV last week? ...

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Nice to see you think I had a worthwhile year too...<div>&nbsp;</div> Yes, yes, response time is a major value prop in flash, but who wants to waste all those IOPs if you can maintain response time and get the IOPs, wouldn't that be nice.<div>&nbsp;</div> I did qualify that this was from 'my little corner' of the storage world, and as I don't have any development or direct input in the general XIV product / development it wasn't something I worked on. I didn't mention DS5000, DS8000 R4 etc, our DCS9000 products, the new VTS products nor any of our management software updates, nor the Big Green 2.0 initiative, Information Infrastructure... notice you didn't pick on any of them... only I guess whats at the forefront of your thoughts... XIV is getting serious interest and only today I was with a customer who is looking to pilot, and yes with SVC infront so he can continue to make use of his aging HP kit for a while longer. <div>&nbsp;</div>

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Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, storage anarchist. Maybe you should mention some of EMC's progress? <div>&nbsp;</div> Yes, you have SSDs... although I haven't seen much market penetration yet in large corporations due to shrinking budgets and their huge cost factor in relationship to capacity.<div>&nbsp;</div> And how's Invista coming along? Has it been realized as the failure that it is, dragged behind the barn yet and shot yet? Haven't heard much about it lately from EMC marketing droids which leaves me to believe it might be quietly killed.<div>&nbsp;</div> 8Gb Fibre Channel is out, most new director purchases are coming with 8Gb ports. Is EMC planning on being years late to the party with respect to Symmetrix port speeds again?<div>&nbsp;</div>

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SVC had a great year, and 2009 is announced to be full of development progress. I'm looking forward to all my upcomming SVC implemantations and every customer I did last year was very pleased with the SVC implementation!<div>&nbsp;</div> I is fun to implement an SVC where already some EMC storage is running, than we just put a DS4700 and the EMC beneath the SVC and play a bit with migrations between the storage subsystems. Guesse when people start complaining that the storage is working slower!<div>&nbsp;</div> Barry, you are doing a nice job to promote the SVC on the web, please continue this fabulous work and keep countering the Storage Anarchist, it is very informative for me and many others!<div>&nbsp;</div> I wish you all a great 2009 !<div>&nbsp;</div>

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For those that want a good laugh, go back and read Chuck's blog entry on storage virtualization from 2006. He goes on and on about how right EMC is and how IBM will do a 180... of course history has proven him wrong on most every account. I'd read it before, but it is so much more funny now.

<a href=http://chucksblog.emc.com/chucks_blog/2006/10/storage_virtual.html>http://chucksblog.emc.com/chucks_blog/2006/10/storage_virtual.html</a>.
I wonder where he hears his "rumors" from? Seems like the FUD mill to me...

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Thx for the share SANgineer, It is fun to read how people talked about products in the past and now look what the future has brought us.<div>&nbsp;</div> I am new at the storage virtualization market but when following some blogs it becomes clear that EMC is a winner in blackmailing other products to be able to sell their material.<div>&nbsp;</div> Why do they not focus their good things instead of focusing on blackmailing other brands?<div>&nbsp;</div> Why can't I find some performance reviews of an EMC box at the storage council site?<div>&nbsp;</div> I still have much to learn but blogs like this one is a great source of knowledge. Every time the storage anarchist guy comes and break down a post, Barry can nicely counter the arguments and that is learning me a lot!