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1 bobleah commented Permalink

The problem with object is that it does not support the @media quires, and as a result is not very mobile friendly for those bloggers taking advantage of the Minimal themes mobile capabilities. On the other hand, iFrame is supported, and will flow across all media sizes, from portrait on a phone, through tablets, and right up to desk top browsers. Another advantage is that the Minimal theme will always decide the optimal size of your video. based on the readers device view port size, but only if you embed via iFrame.

Great point on selecting HTTPS.... as selecting the standard HTTP protocol will result in a mixed protocol warning when readers view your blog post.

2 daryl_pereira commented Permalink

Thanks for the feedback, Bob. Take your point about mobile. This post supports a student challenge: many participants are not technical and do not necessarily have the ability to switch blog templates.

3 sjpeich commented Permalink

@bob Our blogs are on the minimal template, so I took your advice in these comments and tried using the iframe code. It worked for the initial entry publish; however when I went back in to make an update to the post, that's when I saw that the toolbars on the blog editor had disappeared. Further, when I went back to the published post, all text below the video had disappeared.

Since it's common for us to have to make edits after the initial posting, I've gone back to using the old embed code. Even if it isn't best for mobile, it's the most reliable and stable method on these blogs. But if there's anything that can be done to make the iframe code sure-fire, I'm happy to test it or talk further with you.