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1 LeeIsensee commented Permalink


Great post! As you mentioned, this is an important factor in report distribution in a larger organization if reports run the show. Something to keep in mind is the use case - if this information is used for operational purposes, using the persistent report identifier can be used for the XML API or portable URL content (HTML / CSV / RTF).
The persistent report id for dynamic reports if cool when you are using relative time filters.
Lee Isensee
Unica, an IBM Company
T: @OMLee

2 daryl_pereira commented Permalink

Thanks Lee for the insight.

With the relative time filter, does that mean you could keep one URL that you distribute on a monthly basis to show stats for the previous month - like total traffic to a section of a site?

3 JackMason commented Permalink

Daryl... thanks for posting. I shared to The Social Business site in Tumbr.