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Whoa. Amarillo Texas is not a mecca for Jazz? But I was so looking forward to this year's "Amarillo Jazz, Hard Liquor, and Handguns Festival" this May. Dangit. I guess I better ask for a refund on my tickets.

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I finally found the latest podcasts! The IBM site search was not helpful since the developerWorks page that is included in the search results has not been updated since Nov 2006.

And congrads on the home page exposure!

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I have yet to enjoy a Jazz show in Amarillo. I also never saw Jethro Tull live. But hey, Jethro Tull has a few tunes that don't blast one from his or her that I still enjoy today! Turns out Tull is touring in 2007. What's more, according to "The Official Jethro Tull Website," "...most Tull shows in 2007 will be either all acoustic (like the March/April UK tour which also features two orchestral shows in London) or a mixture of acoustic and electric material..." So apparently Tull, like Laningham, has a softer side.