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Come onnnnnn, OpenID support. (Including being a provider for IBM employees). Tie in to Bluehouse, perhaps? The fewer places to have to maintain a social network, the better. Just some thoughts.

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Duly noted Doug.

So we are lookin pretty hard at openID support. It makes sense for occasional users, but not so much for regular developerWorks community members.
Why? Cos if you come chime in here and there, you don't care about responses, findability or establishing networks. You also don't care about any reputation or rewards systems that will come in the future. If you are a regular contributor, you do want in on these things. At that point, you need to make the six field investment and become a member.
As for BlueHouse (or LotusLive as it is now called), I would say that there are different focuses. BlueHouse is an SaaS offering that is targeted at organizations. MyDeveloperWorks is individual focused.
You ask some good questions, and I will blog about this next week.

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Thanks for the comments, and I somewhat understand what you're saying. I'd just like to have only one "business-related" identity, and I have several, even as an IBM employee on IBM-owned sites/communities. It would be nice if any contacts I made here on DeveloperWorks, for instance, were the same ones I could share files with, bookmarks with, etc. Seems like Connections is built for that, but then having 3 or 4 Connections SaaS options fragments everyone again.

Shrug, but thanks again for considering and addressing the issues.

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Hi Doug,

I completely understand what you are saying and it makes perfect sense. We have heard it from many people during user testing.
So I think the answer is a business one, which is that we have to work hard between business units so that we can establish this ability across apps and business units.
Your input is very much appreciated and I hope you will keep continuing to talk to us as we roll out MyDeveloperWorks.