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1 bobleah commented Permalink

Great interview! Thank you Scott and Stephanie!

2 ruterbo commented Permalink

I really like this video podcast format, and what a great interview, complete with great reminiscing about the past and a forward-looking view into what is to come. Thanks Stephanie and Scott!

3 robynum commented Permalink

Great interview! I like the perspective presented in this was very factual and also very humble. Thanks Scott & Stephanie

4 thartric commented Permalink

Hey I like the video podcast format Scott! Even more though, it's always valuable to hear a great summary of key value points for developerWorks past, present, and future. Well done! Looking forward to being part of the excitement to enable innovation, reach further globally, and help drive more community engagement... even if we're not the Wild West :-)

5 slaningham commented Permalink

Thanks all. Maybe the wild west comment would have been more convincing if we'd been wearing cowboy hats. Next time maybe. :)