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I was just googling about new disc_c3 counters and found your post. <div>&nbsp;</div> Am I understand correct that on same switch er_tx_c3_timeout will be increased at egress port and for the same discard er_rx_c3_timeout will be increased at ingress port? <br />

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Hello Dmitry, <div>&nbsp;</div> yes, that's right - as long as the external ingress and the external egress port are located on the same ASIC. So for the 1-ASIC-Pizzaboxes (Brocade 5100, 5300, 6510 / IBM B24, B40, F48) this is always the case. But for directors, you often won't see the matching numbers in porterrshow, because the ingress port could be on another blade than the egress port. The numbers would then match with the internal counter of the backlink ports. To make a long story short: Just focus on the TX ones. :) <div>&nbsp;</div> Cheers seb