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1 speedolight commented Permalink

hi, <div>&nbsp;</div> brocade started branding sfps at 4Gb. Around the mcdata takeover timeframe. SFPs have become the dirty little secret ever since. It's part sdu jour for all!!!! <div>&nbsp;</div> The problems start when vendors OEM and use a single part num for multiple manuf. The failure rates swing wildly making it impossible to determine trends by vendor. <div>&nbsp;</div> The bottom line the platinum standard for all SFPs is Finisar (now JDSU). More expensive, for a reason. <div>&nbsp;</div> I do not work nor ever worked for Finisar/JDSU. <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div>

2 seb_ commented Permalink

Hello Marc, <br /> It might be that Brocade branded SFPs before, but before 8G platform, you were able to put SFPs by virtually every vendor in the switches. For all my time in tech support before 8G I was never asked by a customer "Hey, do you know if Brocade has some own SFPs?". I think the majority just looked out in the market for the cheapest one that could do the job (comes with statement that it's compatible). After Brocade released the 8G platform, many tried it the same way and failed. Some guys out there saw that as a chance for making money by faking supported SFPs... and that's what the article is about.