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1 JuAnKmil0 commented Permalink

Hi <br /> Very interesting article. BTW, which utility did you use to get FC frame size? (some kind of equivalent of tcpdump). <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks <div>&nbsp;</div> Yanquen

2 tabin commented Permalink

What about FCIP tunnels? Do they have any bb credits or is it handled by tcpip protocol? Is there a way to increase buffers on fcip link/circuit/tunnel, on san06b-r, for example??

3 seb_ commented Permalink

Hi Marcin, FCIP connections work different. They don't need the FCP flow control with buffer credits as they are based on the sliding window concept. So no need to tune buffer credits on the FCIP link itself. Within the SAN06B-R there are some concerns between the different ASICs and I covered that in this blog post: You can see some very interesting insights from Mark Detrick from Brocade in the comments section there. While I was not able to match all of them with the behavior observed with that specific SAN06B-R from my case back then, they contain many infos about how it is designed internally. Rule of thumb: If you follow the official guides and best practices, you should not run into problems in that area as well. Cheers seb