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1 devom commented Permalink

Great article Seb.. <br /> I want to claculate the same thing for my MDS Gigabit ethernet interface.But calculation giving me strange size of packets/bytes. <div>&nbsp;</div> here is the output of MDS command: <div>&nbsp;</div> 5 minutes input rate 40975704 bits/sec, 5121963 bytes/sec, 12097 frames/sec <br /> 5 minutes output rate 11216656 bits/sec, 1402082 bytes/sec, 9892 frames/sec <br /> 2741080442 packets input, 130732204737312 bytes <br /> 1 multicast frames, 0 compressed <br /> 0 input errors, 0 frame, 0 overrun 0 fifo <br /> 1620832263 packets output, 32587674569738 bytes, 0 underruns <br /> 0 output errors, 0 collisions, 0 fifo <br />

2 seb_ commented Permalink

Hello Rajnish, <br /> thanks for the feedback! <br /> Are you using jumbo frames? <br /> Please be aware that the article itself was intended especially for fibre channel frames where the maximum framesize is per default 2KB and there is a buffer-to-buffer-credit concept using the maximum frame size to calculate the credits to utilize a link. Ethernet is working differently here has it's own characteristics. <br /> Cheers seb

3 devom commented Permalink

Thanks for reply.. <br /> You are right Its FC switch with GigiEthernet its purely ethernet thing. <br /> I am not sure about jumbo frames being used or not. but if calculate that that way (FC frame) they showing Jumbo figure...:) <div>&nbsp;</div> Again Thanks for great knowledge transfer...