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1 MikeTuppen commented Permalink

Hi Seb. Thanks for posting your helpful articles. <div>&nbsp;</div> I like your idea of capturing the logs / clearing the stats from a central server on the network, however, as a newbie to storage admin I'm worried I won't be able to interpret the data for it to actually be useful. Are you able to provide some information about what to look for in the stats? (preferably for Brocade) Or even perhaps a link to another article that might help? I have done some searching on the Brocade community site but the information seems to be quite scattered rather than in the 1 spot. <div>&nbsp;</div> Regards, <br /> Mike.

2 seb_ commented Permalink

Hi Mike, <br /> I wrote it from my position as a remote support guy. I rely on these data for my analysis. So it's a preparation for the next case with a support guy like me. To learn about administrating switches, there is a lot of material on Brocade itself. Please start with the administrators guide for the FOS version you use. It covers much of the features and how Brocade switches work. The CLI guide will tell you about the commands but if you are sitting in front of the switches anyway, it's often easier to just type "help COMMAND". There is a message reference manual for the messages in errdump and a Diag&amp;Troubleshooting guide more suitable for people with direct access to the switches (rather than me). Brocade has some good material for their administrator certifications ( ). <br /> About articles, beside of my own there are also good explanations from my fellow blogger and troubleshooter Erwin over at HDS: <br /> Also my (meanwhile ex-)colleague Anthony has some articles about Brocade: <div>&nbsp;</div> I hope it's at least a good start :o) <div>&nbsp;</div> Cheers <br /> seb

3 MikeTuppen commented Permalink

Thanks Seb. <div>&nbsp;</div> I also found a link to this PDF that explains some SAN basics and might be helpful for anyone else who is still learning the ropes: <br /> <br /> It's quite a large one so it should keep me busy for a while. I also downloaded a few other documents you had linked in your articles (like the one about bottleneckmon) so I'll check them out also. <div>&nbsp;</div> Unfortunately, formal training is something that tends to be one of the first things cut from the budgets these days so I doubt I'll get to do any Brocade certification etc. I'm quite happy to learn on my own though. The more I uncover the more I realise how much there is yet to learn. <div>&nbsp;</div> Yes, I found Erwin's blog first and got to yours from his. I've already read a couple of his articles also which were quite interesting. <div>&nbsp;</div> I think it's too easy to sit around and bury our head in the sand when problems pop up. I'd rather be a bit more proactive and actually try to understand what is happening on our SAN (hey, I said try). <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks, <br /> Mike.