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Seb, I have just been reading your blog for the first time and it's very educational, thanks. <div>&nbsp;</div> Regarding feedback to your definitions, I would not restrict the "congestion" to be a link specific issue. There can be congestion in many forms and many places. <div>&nbsp;</div> How about "the device or links inability to process and transmit the offered load without delay"

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Hello Rohanlon, thank you for your feedback. I think that's a good point to be a bit more general here. Although the availble bandwidth of the external (e.g. SFP to SFP) and internal (ASIC to ASIC) links is the limiting most of the times in my area of work, their could be other places of congestions (for example within an ASIC), too. I'll come up with an update soon, including some additional explanations, because I got some questions about my definitions. Some readers told me they might be good for a dictionary, but they don't explain enough to be useful to learn something out of them. I have to think about that :o)

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Just uploaded them to SNIA... let's see if they take it into consideration...

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No feedback from them at all...