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George Lucas has always stated that the <i>Star Wars</i> films should be viewed as fantasy rather than science-fiction, since there is very little science involved in the things that happen on space and land.That doesn't absolve it from your point about lacking story, but I actually disagree. I thought the prequels' story of the internal corruption of a republic and the parallel corruption of the hero were actually very good; a problem (though not a killer) was that the dialog and plotting was clunky and sometimes convoluted.

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There was some science ideas from the earlier Star Wars: <ul> <li>the realistic portrayal of a cyborg (Vader), rather than the classical "man-with-one-metal-arm" presentation</li> <li>novel reintroduction of classical weaponry (the lightsaber); it inspired many others to reintroduce similar weapons in futuristic scenarios</li> <li>spaceships that don't have to follow the traditional sleek airplan design</li> <li>true multitude of aliens</li> <li>added depth to culture and language for many of the aliens</li> </ul> The general problems with the new series that I found (other than the dialogue was terrible throughout) were: <ul> <li>really bad casting decision for the lead character (Anakin)</li> <li>too quick plot changes not in terms of time, but in terms of how quickly people radically change their minds</li> <li>the Senate was unbelievably gullible; the movie doesn't present the back door wrangling and negotiations that often happen in such republican assemblies</li> </ul> The plans-within-plans subversion motives of Palpatine was really interesting but mostly glossed over in favor of action scenes and big battles.Episode 3 started to redeem this new series up until Anakin makes a hard-to-believe complete change of heart far too quickly. Lucas should have introduced the direct confrontation between Anakinand Padme on Obi-wan's supposed affair with her (although not the actual final fight).A good way to create a schizsm in a community is to promise a good future event and then not be able to deliver. I think Lucas succeeded financially with this series but failed his community.Thank goodness for good fight choreography and excellent graphics visualization. --rawn

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