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Rawn!<div>&nbsp;</div> Sword fighting eh? The digital sword swinging just wasn't enough was it :)<div>&nbsp;</div> I ain't using my hotmails anymore because they have become unmanagable with spam so my business email (a now defunct company I started while writing some software to battle pop up advertisements) is popupmassacre@yahoo.com. It sold 22 copies the first day but I closed it down and canceled the sales because I didn't feel like making a bunch of cash doing it, and then spending the next 3-4 years in court. Hehe.<div>&nbsp;</div> I am currently a computer tech/call manager for a fairly decent sized credit union in Yuma Az (parents live here and.... well i just can't leave em... more money isn't worth it hehe).<div>&nbsp;</div> Me and my dad play wow together on a regular basis it gives us somethin to do in common and it's been a lot of fun.<div>&nbsp;</div> I just got on the U of A hacks forums and registered to do some posting there since I saw Bel (ulysses) had posted a couple years ago and I have no contact info for him. I see Fico is still there as hacks forum admin.<div>&nbsp;</div> Things are going fairly well and I hope they are with you as well. Toss me an email when you get a chance!<div>&nbsp;</div>

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