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Comments (4)

1 RFIDJason commented Permalink

Raj -

I would very much like to use the methods described in this article.
Alas, I have NO IDEA how to "create the form in my application" or to "create the form in my mailfile".
This looks, as you say, very intuitive for the user (me) but the way to get there...? Not so much.
Can you help?

2 Pallavi Singh commented Permalink

You need to enable it through menu. Goto View menu, click on "Search this view". You will get to the first UI shown in the blog.

3 8perry commented Permalink

maybe you could help me out as well...

our application is currently having an mysterious issue when doing a search like the one above
all the documents are complete in the db app on the server,
but when you do a search, then the searched item is not found,
also tried to use the Ctrl-F (Find) command in Notes, but still no result,
We have deleted the index and created a new one,
but still the same happens,
The most curious thing is,
The document IS searchable when in local replica.
I tried recreating the view on the server but still the same happens every time I'm on server,
Do you have any idea what's going on with this?
Thanks in advance.

4 UKAG_Lars_Berntrop-Bos commented Permalink

@RFIDJason: Forms are built with Domino Designer. Please do not experiment on production databases, but get some decent education. TLCC <http: tlcc.com="tlcc.com"> has an excellent reputation.

@8perry: depends on full text indexing settings. Locallty, most are updated immedeately. On a server, this is usually done on a schedule. If you search for the document before the index is updated, it will not be found. You can look this up in the database/application properties: look at the index tab of those properties (magnifying glass icon on the tab). It states if an index exists, and if so when it was last updated. Also available is a button to count the unindexed documents, and you can view the schedule and options specified upon creation of the index. If for instance indexing of attachments is turned off, you will not be able to find Notes documents based on the contents of attached documents.</http:>

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