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Thank you,Raj. I could able to insert both dll & image for this symbol. only problem is this is not allowed to place in the subject line. perhaps you can have a look into that?

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1. The picture cannot be used in several LN fields
2. There picture doesn't obey scaling (F2/shift+F2) rules of LN.
3. The picture when sent to an account like gmail, might come as an attachment!
4. The font will solve all of these problems and if only LN provided a way to embed my font in a document (email) while sending, the display issues in the receiver will not be faced.
5. Users, in non LN softwares, can change the font in matter of few key strokes (AFAIK, LN forces mouse usage, if I am not wrong) and that can be macro-d - Can font be changed using keystrokes alone in LN?
- This would also mean different macros for different softwares as each might offer font changing via different menu routes!
- This is where you wish you are working on Apple - and even there, I think LN would need a specific macro!

In short - situation is still bad!
Can the following be done in an Addin?
1. Font is already there.
2. Make the Addin do the following:
> Make a note of current font setting
> Switch font to whichever that provides Rupee symbol
> Choose the Rupee Symbol
> Switch back to the previous font
Let me know - If you can share the code of your current Addin, it might help the uninitated.
Thanks for your help.

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