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Hi Raj, sorry about the "test" comment, I thought my password was not working.

Thanks very much for your blog work dealing with N/D 9.0 Social Edition and the Notes Browser Plug In. We are preparing for a major marketing and prospecting campaign with the Plug In and think that will greatly help in expanding the Notes user population in some of our target business entities. Also are anxious to see 9.0, we have the 8.5.4 managed beta in test and evaluation right now, and are scheduled to receive the 9.0 public beta.
One quick question....I read your posting about the common "flavors" of the Notes client and iNotes. But I really believe it would be superior to have email integrated directly into the Notes 9.0 client such that it becomes just another "database" in the client environment. I have seen this brought up before by another Notes business partner.
Anyway, thanks again and keep up the good work (easy for me to say.....LOL).
Bill Palmer

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Thanks for the good work that IBM team did on the new version
It is so cool and matches the True Blue spirit of IBM
One quick question -
For how long is the Beta going to be valid?
Once installed, you dont want to part away with it.

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