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1. IBM Social Theme
2. Shortcuts (Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2 etc.) to open Mail, Calendar.
3. Activity Stream (yet to experience this since I don't have Connection 4 yet)

By the way, how do I add more shortcuts to the quick launch bar?!

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Hi, as for your question on how you can add your own shortcuts, my bad. I thought we had implemented this in Notes 9 via Policy. But found out, and sorry to get your hopes high, but we don't have it in the Notes 9 yet, and most likely will complete it in the 9.0.1 timeframe. Glad you like what we have though.

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Hi Raj, my question is, how did you add Home and Worspace to your Quick Launch Bar. I could not find the way to do this. Thanks.

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I found the answer to my own question:

Just click on view/show shortcut buttons ...
Thanks anyway for your post

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Great Post Raj, Would you have instructions to enable ActivityStreams gadget for homepage ?

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