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1 craigcam comentou às Link permanente

Nice feature. To be critical, WHEN is Lotus Notes EVER going to get a new workspace refresh. We're living 2012, and the UI looks very 1980's ... sorry

2 Dale comentou às Link permanente

craigcam: My unsubstantiated speculation is that some IBM manager *hates* the workspace and is trying to "starve it to death" by allowing it to remain as it was in the 80's.

I know that some IBM staff have reported it is very poorly documented and understood in IBM and so nobody wants to mess with it, but I don't see why that would be a problem ... they have had some very smart people in the past, and they have some brilliant people now, so it could easily be recreated from specs, fully documented, and given a fashionable UI ... in a week or two :-P

3 g3vish comentou às Link permanente

Will things like local agents, pulling data from different servers (including non-notes dbs) work? Can the users switch IDs and work on another server etc?

Do let me know

4 CraigBoudreaux comentou às Link permanente

Will this support Lotusscript on the document or in Action Buttons?

5 MikePerrett comentou às Link permanente

In my experience, (with CD4), it would appear that it is still necessary to go through some kind of end user set up in the Browser plug in.

This is counter productive to the way a browser should work. It would be better to get users to browse to a holding page, authenticate, then click a button to "configure my browser"
If they are already set up then a "You're ready to go" message can be displayed.
Admins don't want to get involved in the process and nor do we want a situation where users can enter incorrect information.

6 IlkkaHietala comentou às Link permanente

Hello Raj, excellent news indeed !

we are having some old very well suited for the business process applications with what we have been thinking how to continue.
Q: what are the known limitations this plugin will have (not supporting some @formulas, scrip commands.... )?
When can I give it a try ?

7 T.C. comentou às Link permanente

@craigcam + @dale - before complaining about the workspace, take a look at your smartphone and you'll see each application is represented as an icon in exactly the same way as Lotus did it. Lotus was ahead of time with the workspace they are using for years. Showing applications as icons is the latest trend, so it makes lots of sense to keep it as it is.

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