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hi ! <div>&nbsp;</div> i have an issue with tpc and SMIA , i m trying to add data source with the commande below but i have an error. <div>&nbsp;</div> I cannot check the tpc log because i not have root password , i am log with USERID on FSM, could you provide me the default password for investigating like you describe on this post ? my email (we are busness partner ibm) <div>&nbsp;</div> USERID@fsm:~&gt; smcli mkdatasource -c fabric -t https -i -p 25989 -u USERID -w XXXXXX -n /interop <div>&nbsp;</div> Adding the data source ... <br /> The data source was added successfully. <br /> Collecting inventory on the farm ... <div>&nbsp;</div> DNZSAL209E : The inventory was not collected on the farm. There were exceptions thrown when running cli. Check the cli output and Systems Director trace log for the root cause.

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I can't give out the root access to the FSM as I have to request those ID's myself. But if you place a call with support they should be able to give you access over a 2 day period.