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Hi, I've just spent the weekend playing around with the new AMI.

I'd like first to say "it rocks" for the simplicity of the setup and the very good quality of the overall process is the best "demo" of the value a customer can get using this kind of cloud infrastructure.
About the current AMI I can just report a few things:
- It works out of the box as expected- The development mode setup disables a set of non-portlet apps that ends up with non-functional components in the portal (like ajaxproxy config or search scopes). I've changed the autostart property of those to have a functional portal in dev mode.- The HTTP server configuration is "locked" to stay on the EC2 filesystem even if an EBS volume is mounted. I changed the conf and htdocs folders by moving those to the EBS volume and linking them- I like the use of the VMM and federated repository for security. This should allow me to federeate my remote LDAP server (domino 8.5 based).- Also i noticed that the IHS server seems to be forced to start with the -d /opt/IBM/HTTPServer parameter and couldn't get to change it but I'll do more investigations.
I'm going to do "extensive" testing.
The idea could be that of using "userdata" in the EC2 istantiation process to feed information to the setup phase (let's say the linux init process).
P.S.I was at your session on portal virtualization at LS2009.. Now a number of things are easier to undestand. I just wonder why nobody at LS2009 suggested this Portal in the cloud would happen.
I'm blogging my early experience...

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