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1 VaraprasadK comentou às Link permanente

I did deploy the code. for WCM rendering portlet configuration do I need add new preference value? what exactly need to be done on Rendering portlet configuration.

2 Thomas_Hurek comentou às Link permanente

Hi VaraprasadK,
you need to go to the edit mode of the JSR 286 rendering portlet. Then open the section Advanced Options. In there look for the Plug-ins -> Context Processors section and select the new Preprocessor. Then click OK.

3 VaraprasadK comentou às Link permanente

Thanks Thomas. That worked. Waiting for your blog on customize the cache key . We have requirement on similar lines. Can you please share if you have anything on this?

4 Thomas_Hurek comentou às Link permanente

I just posted the blog post on customizing the cache keys:

5 Francisco_Pepe comentou às Link permanente

Hi Thomas,
I tried this in Banco Galicia (Portal 8) to help the BP in charge of development with a particular requirement in which a portlet basically should show "online" information as it was being created in WCM.

Implementing this plugin was really easy and it worked fine.
Nice post! Thanks for your help.

6 Stuart Crump comentou às Link permanente

The context root of this war is /, so if it's deployed before configuring the Web Application Bridge (WAB) bundled with Portal 8.5 it won't allow WAB to start. I suggest changing the context root of this No Cache Preprocessor, that's what I did. Thomas is this OK to do, can this just be modified in the WAS console with no side affects?

7 Thomas_Hurek comentou às Link permanente

Hello scrumpmeister,
yes - you can choose any context root since I only used the ear to register the processor via plugin.xml.

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