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I think in a future situation in which software never gets distributed, 'open data' in the sense of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Informational_self-determination becomes a more important factor than 'open source', i.e. the ability to get my data out of the service again (both as in 'give me a copy, please' and as in 'remove my data, please'), and to determine how its being used further by the system operator.


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"Freedom to leave" is a notion that probably does in fact go hand-in-hand with SaaS. I certainly wouldn't use a SaaS, for anything I truly cared about, unless I could get all the data back out. I think the market will end up demanding this. In fact, I think the current view on ws protocols is such that this pretty much is a no-brainer to implement. Everything is a resource, and is GET-able ...

That doesn't say anything about the code used on the server, and whether or not current uber-complicated licensing models will come into play as the network link ends up being considered 'combining'. I guess I was hoping for simplification, but I'm not optimistic.

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Take a look at the Affero General Public License: http://www.affero.org/oagpl.html

The current draft of GPL V3, section 7. subsection b. item 4 explicitly declares that licenses that contain such a provision are GPL V3 compatible.

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It's probably time I start reconsidering my planned second career as a session guitarist in Nashville, and think about getting a law degree instead.

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